Literal Translation Series,

    “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 22”
   Translated Speech Script.

    Written by KOSAKI Hiroko
   Audio transcribed by Kenji MATSUOKA
   Edited by Matthew Opel


Male voice A : Fiction became reality. What a fate!
    The experimenter herself was the guinea pig.

Male voice B :  So, you think that the contact experiment
    was the immediate cause?

Male voice A : The mental breakdown…
    Was that a result of the contact ?

Male voice A : It’s too cruel. She committed suicide, leaving behind
    such a young girl.

Male voice A : Hmm, perhaps. I don’t think that it was the only cause.

Kyoko : My darling Asuka, Mama cooked your favorite for you.
  If you complain about what you like and dislike,
  that girl will laugh you.

Female doctor : Everyday, she’s like that.
    She talks to the doll, thinking that it is her beloved

Asuka’s father : She might feel responsible, in her own way. She devoted
   her whole life to research, and did not spend the time to take care
   of her own daughter.

Female Doctor : I sympathize with your grief.

Asuka’s father : But, they are like a doll mother and a doll daughter.
   Maybe, there is very little difference between humans and

Female doctor :   Dolls are made by humans in their own image.
   If God really exists, we might just be dolls for him.

Asuka’s father : Hearing such things, I can hardly believe you are
     a doctor of modern medicine.

Female doctor : Yes, I am a doctor,  but I am still a
  human, and a woman first.

Announce : Medical Staff meeting for the E incident will be held on time.
All senior staff report to the second meeting room.

Asuka’s grandmother : You are so good, my Asuka.
  You may cry if you wish.

Asuka : It’s O.K.  I won’t cry.  I can think for myself.

Ritsuko : Can you hear me, Asuka ?  Your Synchro Ratio decreased
  by 8 whole points.   Don’t think about extraneous things.
Just the same as usual.

Asuka : I’m trying!

Episode 22
Don’t be.

Maya : Recently Asuka’s synchro ratio has been getting lower
  and lower.

Ritsuko : This is very troubling.  We don’t have a spare.
Maybe we should work on Rei’s Unit-1 first.
We cannot repair both of them at the same time.

Female operator A : The Mitosis Process in the left arm of Unit-2
    has cleared the numerical goal.

Male operator A : The Necrosis Process is presently under 0.05%.

Female operator B : No problems in the Apotheosis Process.

Female operator C : Maintain the current status of the self-formation
   system of Unit-0.

Female operator D : Connect each receptor to the second signal terminal.

Misato : (thinking)
  (What was born from Adam, the Eva series.
  We  have no other way to defeat the Angels, besides utilizing the
  very cause of Second Impact.
  In other words, those who utilize even the thing that tried
  to destroy them, those are human beings.)

Misato : After all, I probably hate Eva.  Probably, I’m trying to avenge my

Makoto : Major Katsuragi !

Misato : They have begun construction of Evas up to Unit 13?
  In seven places all over the world ?

Makoto : This information came via Shanghai.
  The source is reliable.

Misato : Why are they speeding up construction now?

Makoto : We have lost two Eva Units recently, and now another
  two Units are severely damaged.
  I suppose they’re speeding the creation of a spare force for
  back up plans.

Misato : Who knows ?
  Even us; we have received parts from Germany which were
  originally made for Units 5 and 6.
  Nowadays they’re spending a great deal of money.

Makoto :  The budget was recently doubled.
    From that, we might guess that the executives were driven into
    a corner.

Misato : I feel the Committee’s impatience.

Makoto : So, do you think they are doing it because they
    anticipate cases of  several Angels attacking at once,
    and not just one like we’ve seen so far?

Misato : Hmm…    But there is no reason for them to do
  that outside of channels.   There might be another reason.

Misato :   It’s been a long since we were all together, so
     what’s this unsociable atmosphere ?

Asuka : I’m finished.


Misato : Asuka !

Asuka : I’m not going to get it! After all, maybe it’s a call from Kaji-san
  to Misato.  Misato should get it.

Misato : It can’t be …

Asuka : Oh, I’m so sorry that I forced the Unrivaled Shinji do such a
  trivial job.

Shinji : Hai, Hello…

Asuka : Hmf! I can’t stand the way he’s so formal.

Asuka : Ah !

Shinji : An international call from Germany for Asuka.
  It’s your mother.

Asuka : Me?   From Mother?   Give me that!
  Hallo, Mutter! Wir haben uns lange nichts gehoert…

#Asuka speaks German with a heavy Japanese accent. 🙂

Shinji (thinking):
   ( Listening to her speaking an unfamiliar language,
     I feel as if Asuka were a stranger.)

Shinji : Mother….

Asuka : ……..Gute Nacht !

Shinji : That was a very long call.

Asuka : Hm!  It’s only a sort of periodic communication.

Shinji : I’m envious. Family talk…

Asuka : Oh, it looks…
  It’s only superficial. She isn’t my real mother.

Shinji : Oh !

Asuka : But, It doesn’t mean I dislike her.
  It’s just that I feel a little uncomfortable with her.
  Ah !  Why the hell am I telling you such a thing?!

Shinji : Sorry.

Asuka : HMMF !    It’s the end for me when I get
   sympathy from you !

Maya : Synchrograph, minus 12.8.  It’s on the borderline of the
  starting indicator.

Ritsuko : What a terrible state!
    Her results are worse than yesterday.

Misato : Asuka is feeling bad today.  She’s in the second
     day of her period.

Ritsuko : Synchro ratio is not affected by external
       bodily disorders.

      (We might have to change the Unit-2 pilot.)

      Asuka, you’re all done.

Announce : Maintenance of Power system No. 8 is going to
       start at 18 : 00 this evening.

Announce : The regular meeting on the first Command Center
        project will be held on time.
     Personnel of the General Affairs department report
        to the meeting room NO. 2.

Ritsuko : Asuka’s pride was badly damaged.

Misato : It’s a natural, after being beaten that way.
    Moreover, it’s much worse that she feels that she was
     beaten by Shinji.
    Maybe it’s our limitations.  I’m afraid the three
     of us couldn’t live together.

Ritsuko : You broke through the critical point?
       Is this the end of your nice family game?

Misato : I won’t listen to this from someone who conceals her
     loneliness with pet cats.

Misato : Ah, I am very sorry!
    I’m just a little upset.

Asuka : Why do I have to go through such an awful time just because
   I’m a girl?  I don’t want to have children.

Announce : Circular route No.7 is now closed because of an
         accident. Please use route No. 12 instead.

Asuka : Haa ?  Hm!

Rei : If you don’t open your mind to her, Eva will not move.

Asuka : You mean I’m closing myself off?  Me ?

Rei : Yes.   Eva has her own mind.

Asuka : That doll?

Rei : You must be aware of that.

Asuka : Ha !   Today is a special day, since you, even you, talked to
  me.  Tomorrow maybe we’ll have snow.
  Damn !  Are you that happy that I can’t pilot Eva ?
  Don’t worry.  when an Angel comes, the invincible Shinji will
  defeat it.
  We don’t have to do anything.
  They only need Shinji !
  If Shinji is there, everything will be OK.
  A-ha !  It must be the end for me!  Not only Shinji, but a
  doll like you is sympathizing with me.

Rei : I am not a doll.

Asuka : Shut up !  You do anything you’re ordered to.
   You’ll kill yourself if Commander Ikari orders you to do so.

Rei : Yes, I will.

Asuka : Haa !

Asuka : You are just a doll, like I thought!
   You’ve always looked like a doll, and I’ve hated you for a
   long, long time!
   Haah!   I hate everyone !  Everyone  !

Asuka : mm, hmf!

Kensuke : Shinji is absent today, too.
    Ayamami’s absent, as usual, but….

Hikari : Asuka too.
    Suzuhara is still in the hospital.

Kensuke : I guess that the situation is very serious, and they can’t
    come to school.

Male operator B : All normal for the signals of EVA Unit-2.

Female operator E : Connection and Fusion of VA is within
     normal limits.
   The field of proliferation is within the expected range.

Asuka : You’re just my doll.
   So move like I tell you to, and don’t say NO.
  Why does a weapon have a mind?  What a hassle!
  Anyway, you must only say “Yes” to my orders.
   Hum?   This is stupid…

Shigeru :  All personnel, level one combat readiness.
  Prepare for aerial assault.

Asuka :  An Angel ! They’re still coming?


Don’t Be.

Shigeru : Visual confirmation of the Angel.
This is at maximum zoom.

Makoto : It’s not moving from orbit.

Shigeru : It is maintaining a constant distance from us.

Misato : That means,  it’s waiting for a chance to
come down; or is it going to destroy us without
approaching ?

Makoto : We can’t get at it easily.

Misato : Anyway, we can’t do anything unless it moves to
within our firing range.
Eva cannot defeat an enemy in orbit.
How’s Rei  ?

Maya : She and Unit-0 are in good condition.  They will be OK.

Misato : Roger.   Unit-0, move out! Prepare for extreme long
distance firing.

  Unit-2, Asuka, be ready for a sortie as back-up.

Asuka : Back-up?  Me?  For Unit-0?

Misato : That’s right. Take the rear guard.

Asuka :  You must be kidding! Eva Unit-2, move out.

Ritsuko : Asuka !

Misato : It’s OK.  Allow her in the front if she wishes.

Makoto : Major Katsuragi !

Ritsuko : You mean, if Asuka fails here, she will be dismissed.

Maya : That means, it is the last chance for her ?

Ritsuko : We must prepare in case the Unit-2 pilot has
   to be changed.

Maya : Yes, Ma’am.

Makoto : By the way, aren’t you sending out Unit One?

Misato : It’s been frozen by strict orders from Commander Ikari.
  (We have to accept it after an accident like that…)

Asuka : If I fail this mission, I might lose my position as
pilot of Unit-2.   You must not make any mistakes,

Shigeru : Target is still out of the firing rage.

Asuka : Oh, hurry up, come here, you lazy Angel !
Your laziness is getting on my nerves!

Asuka : A-HA !

(BGM : “Hallelujah Chorus ” from Handel’s “Messiah”)

Misato : The Enemy’s directional weapon ?

Shigeru : No, no thermal energy reaction detected.

Maya : Abnormal patterns in Psychograph.
Mental contamination will start soon.

Ritsuko : An Angel’s psychic attack ?
   Can they understand the mind of human beings ?

Asuka : Shit!!

Female operator  F : ….. diminished.

Shigeru : No effect.  It is out of range.

Asuka : Ack… Wu-aaa…

Shigeru : Unit 2 has no ammunition in its rifle.

Misato : What is the result of the analysis of the ray?

Makoto : Energy wave of visible wave length.
  It’s similar to an AT field, but the details are still

Ritsuko : How’s Asuka ?

Maya : Situation dangerous.
Mental contamination has broken the borderline.

Asuka : No !  I… Don’t enter into me !

Asuka : Ouch !

Asuka : Ouch !

Asuka : Aaah !

Asuka : Ou !

Asuka : No !

Asuka : No-oo !

Asuka : No !

Asuka : Don’t peep into my mind !

  Please ! Don’t invade into my mind anymore.

Misato : Asuka !

Maya : Her psychograph is at the critical point.

Ritsuko : Her mental circuit is now being severely damaged.
  Further overload will be  too dangerous.

Misato : Asuka, retreat !

Asuka : No !

Misato : This is an order.
  Asuka, I order you to retreat.

Asuka : No, Never!
I’d rather die here than retreat!

Misato : Asuka !

Male operator C : Accelerator, start synchronization.

Female operator G : Voltage increasing. Approaching
   the pressure range.

Male operator D : Compulsory Focusing start !

Female operator H : Correct the error from the rotation and
    gravity of the earth, 0.03.

Operator : Pressure in the barrel is at the maximum point.

Makoto : Release the final safety lock.
    All personnel, prepare for firing !

Rei : Ooo !

Shigeru : No effect !    Not enough energy to break
               through the AT field from this great a distance.

Makoto : But, output  power is at maximum.
              We cannot get more power.

Maya : Unit-2  psychograph signal is very weak.

Ritsuko : How about the mind barrier from the LCL?

Maya : No effect.  We cannot even expect the buffering effect.

Ritsuko :  Give first priority to life support.
                Don’t allow feedback from Eva.

Maya : Yes, Ma’am.

Ritsuko : (thinking)
              (That ray seems to scan Asuka’s mental wave length
               pattern.   Oh no… does this mean the Angel is trying to
               search the human mind ?)

Little Asuka : Wu-ahhn…….

Asuka : Why am I crying ?
          I decided that I would not cry anymore.

Asuka’s father : What is it, Asuka?  It’s a present from your
                       new mother.  Don’t you like it?

Little Asuka : No.

Asuka’s Father : So, what do you want?

Asuka : I am not a baby.    I will become an adult earlier than
          other people.  I don’t need a teddy bear.

(Following are the words which were written in the scenes.)
Nein (No)
Erhangte (strangled)

Nein (No)
Don’t touch me !
Groll (hatred)

Nein (No)
Stop !
Menarche (menarche)

Nein (No)
Keep out !
Schmach (shame)

Nein (No)
No !
Doppelselbstmud begehsh (commit double suicide)

Nein (No)
Ouch !

Nein (No)
Wie angerlich (How comfortable)

Peinlich es (painful)
Stiefmutter (stepmother)
der Verlust (loss)
Wahnsinig (insanity)

Nein (No)
Ouch !
Tod (death)
Nein (No)
Ouch !

Nein (No)
Tod (death)
Nein (No)
Ouch !
Tod (death)

Nein (No)
Nein (No)
Nein (No)
Ouch !
Nein (No)

Tod (death)
Ouch !
Tod (death)
Ouch !
Tod (death)

Nein (No)
Ouch !
Tod (death)
Nein (No)
Ouch !

Ouch !
Ouch !
Ouch !

Nein (No)
Nein (No)
Nein (No)
Ouch !
Nein (No)

Nein (No)
Tod (death)
Nein (No)
Ouch !
Tod (death)

Nein (No)
Nein (No)
Nein (No)
Nein (No)
Nein (No)


Little Asuka : Look at me.
                    Mama, please,  don’t stop being my mother.

Kyoko : Please, come to heaven with me.

Little Asuka : Mama, Mama, Please, don’t kill me!
                    No !
                    I am not Mama’s doll.
                    I will think for myself, and I will live on my own.
                    I don’t need Daddy or Mama.
                    I will live on my own.

Asuka : No !  Don’t make me remember such things!
           I want to forget, so don’t dig into my memories!
           I don’t want to remember such terrible things!
           Stop !  Stop !

Asuka : My mind has been sullied.
           Kaji-san, it’s polluted.  What should I do?!
           My mind has been polluted !

Female operator I : Unit-2, all activity ceased.

Female operator J : A problem has arisen in the life support

Maya : The pilot will enter the danger zone.

Shigeru : No change in the target.
               Relative distance still shows no change.

Makoto : The possibility that target will move into the firing range
             of Unit-0 is 0.02 %.

Misato : Can we transport Unit-0 by air ?
             Shoot the target from the sky ?
             No, we can’t do that.
             If the Angel shoots Unit-0 during the approach, we
              can’t protect it.

Shinji : I’ll go out in Unit-1.

Misato : Mmmm…..

Kouzou : No. This target is one which invades the mind of

Gendou : We must avoid a situation where Unit-1 is invaded now.

Shinji : So, you mean it’s OK as long as I’m not defeated?

Gendou : That cannot be guaranteed.

Shinji : But, if this goes on, Asuka will …

Gendou : OK. I don’t care.
         Rei, descend to Dogma and use the Lance.

Kouzou : Lancea Longini ? Ikari, That is..

Gendou : We have no other choice to destroy a target in orbit,
   where AT field from here cannot reach.
   Hurry !

Misato : But, there is the possibility that the contact between Adam and Eva
   will cause Third Impact. It’s too dangerous.
    Commander Ikari, please don’t do it!

Misato : (thinking)
   (That isn’t the true story? It’s a lie?
   Second Impact wasn’t caused by contact with an Angel.)

Female operator K : Open Areas No. 10 to No. 15 of  Central
   Dogma. Unit-0 passed the No. 6 Malvoisie.
   Next, open Areas No. 16 to No. 20.

Misato : You say Third Impact will not be aroused by such a small
   thing. So, what was the real cause of Second Impact?

Kouzou : Ikari, I think it is too early to use that.

Gendou : The committee has started the mass production
    of the Eva series. This is a  chance, Fuyutsuki.

Kouzou : But, I cannot.

Gendou : We cannot make the clock move backwards.
    But, we can make it move forward with our own hands.

Kouzou : The Old Men will not allow it.

Gendou : We must put an end to everything before SEELE takes
   It’s not a good idea to lose Unit-2 right now.

Kouzou : But. if we use the Lancea Longini without the permission
    of SEELE, that will be many problems.

Gendou : If a reason exists, that is enough. I don’t see anything else
   to consider.

Kouzou : Reason ? What you really want is an excuse.

Makoto : The amplitude of EEG (Electroencephalograph) of Unit-2
   pilot has decreased to 0.06.

Maya : It’s the critical point for Life Support.

Shigeru : Unit-0 passed No.2. She will be coming over the

Misato : That is Lancea Longini.

Shigeru : Unit-0, take position for throwing.

Makoto : Confirm the target.
   Correct the error, OK.

Maya : Start the countdown.
  10 second before zero.
   8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

Rei : Hiii !

Shigeru : Target annihilated.

Maya : Eva Unit-2 is free.

Kouzou : How about Lancea Longini?

Makoto : It surpassed escape velocity.
    It is now moving into lunar orbit.

Kouzou : It’s almost impossible to recover it.

Makoto : Yes. There is currently no way to retrieve that
    much mass.

Maya : Unit-2 is all right.  Graphs are within normal limits.

Shigeru : Send the Unit to Cage NO.2.

Female operator L : Use route No. 67.

Misato : How’s Asuka ?

Makoto : Confirmed; the pilot is alive.
   Quarantine for contamination complete.

Misato : I see.

Shinji : I am glad as you’re OK, Asuka.

Asuka : Shut up! Who are you calling OK?
  It’s the worst;  I was rescued by that
  girl! Rescued by that damned girl!
  I would rather die than that.
  I hate, hate, everyone, everything!

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