Literal Translation Series,

    Episode: 5   Rei I
      Rei, Kokoro-no mukou-ni (Rei, Beyond her Heart)
    Version 1.2
    Written by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)
     Comment by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)

    Based on Revisions by Craig Green (


  “Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese title: Shin-seiki Evangelion)” is
the brand new anime from GAINAX. The first episode of it was
broadcasted in Tokyo Japan on October 4, 1995.

  In this episode and the next one, you can appreciate Rei. You’ll also
see another character of Gendo. SEE IT!



“Nerv Headquarters. Experiment Station-02”

“22 days previous”

<Nerv Headquarters. Experiment Station-02>

Gendo: Activate.

Ritsuko: Connect the main power supply and all circuits together.

Maya: The main power supply connected. Start the activation system.

Maya: Voltage increasing to the critical point: 0.5, 0.2, rising!

Ritsuko: Start the second phase of the activation system.

Shigeru: The pilot has commenced the joining.

Ritsuko: Start System Phase II.

*Display of Eva-00’s neuron

Shigeru: Synapses inserted. Junction started.

Maya: Pulses transmitted.

Shigeru: All circuits are operational.

*Gendo, Kozou and Ritsuko standing in the control room

Maya: The initial contact has no problems.

Shigeru: Power has been transmitted up to the brachial muscle in both arms.
   There are no problems with the nerve links.

Maya: Checked. Up to 2550 on the list satisfied.

Ritsuko: Arrange for the third connection.

Maya: Up to 2580 satisfied. Until the absolute borderline, 0.9, 0.7,
   0.5, 0.4, 0.3, pulses are beginning to flow back!

Shigeru: Problems encountered on the third stage. Rejection is setting
   in on the nerve center elements.

Ritsuko: Stop the contacts. Break the circuits up to 6th.

Maya: Negative.  The signal is not being received!

Maya: Unit Zero is out of control!

Gendo: Stop the experiment. Shut off the power supply.

Ritsuko: Yes, sir.

Ritsuko: Unit Zero’s power supply has been switched to standby.

Shigeru: 35 seconds until complete standstill.

Ritsuko: It’s dangerous–step back!

Maya: Auto ejection system engaging…

Gendo: Damn it!

Maya: Time until the complete standstill: 10, 8, 7…

Ritsuko: Special Bakelite. Hurry up!

Gendo: Rei!

Maya: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

Gendo: Rei, are you all right? Rei!

Gendo: OK.


The 5th Episode

“Rei, Beyond her Heart”
[Rei, Kokoro-no mukou-ni]

Ritsuko: Ayanami Rei, 14 years old. ‘First Children,’ the first
   testee found by Marduk Report. The exclusive pilot of Evangelion
   Prototype Unit Zero. Her personal history was started afresh. All
   her records have been erased.

Misato: Well, what was the cause of the accident in the last

Ritsuko: We still don’t know. However, the primary cause is
   believed to be a mental instability in the pilot.

Misato: Mental instability? In Rei?

Ritsuko: Yes. She was much more disturbed than we could expect.

Misato: What happened?

Ritsuko: I don’t know, but she might have…

Misato: Do you have an idea?

Ritsuko: No, that can’t be…

Announcement: Demolition of Block-D3 has finished. Please submit all
   data to the Analysis Group of the 1st Division of Engineering Bureau.

Shinji: This is our enemy, isn’t it?

Ritsuko: I see… Parts other than the core have been left intact.  This
   truly is an ideal sample–I’m very grateful for it.

Misato: Well, do you know anything new?

Misato: What’s this?

Ritsuko: The code number showing ‘inanalyzable’.

Misato: In other words, do you mean you don’t know anything new at all?

Ritsuko: You are correct. We do know the Angel is composed of matter which has
   the properties of both particles and waves, just like light.

Misato: Well, you did find its power source, didn’t you?

Ritsuko: (sigh) Only something like that.  And I’ve got nothing on
   its working mechanism.

Misato: We’ve finally found something completely outside our experience,
   haven’t we?

Ritsuko: Well, the world is full of mysteries. Look, this is the Angel’s inherent
  wave pattern.

Misato: Let me see it.

Misato: This may be …

Ritsuko: Right. Although the constituent elements are different from
   humanity’s, the arrangement and coordinates of the signals are
   extremely like humanity’s genes: 99.89%

Misato: 99.89% means …

Ritsuko: This proves how shallow our knowledge is …

Engineering Staff: OK. All right. Stop it.

Kozou: This is the core… How is the rest?

Engineering Staff: The degradation is very serious. It isn’t suitable
   for a sample.

Gendo: No problem. Discard all other parts.

Misato: What’s the matter?

Shinji: Ah… No, nothing’s wrong.

Misato: Say! You might say nothing’s wrong, but you seem to say “Take care
   of me. Worry about me, please.”

Shinji: Well, Father seems to have burned his hand.

Misato: Burned?

Shinji: I was just wondering what happened to him.

Misato: Burn…  Do you know anything anything about that?

Ritsuko: Before you came to this city, Unit One went out of control during the
   activation experiment. You may have heard about that? 

Shinji: Yes.

Ritsuko: The pilot was locked inside it.

Shinji: Ayanami was the pilot, wasn’t she?

Ritsuko: Commander Ikari helped her escape from it. He had to force open the
   overheated hatch.

Shinji: Father did …

Ritsuko: He burned his palm then.

*School which Shinji and Rei attend

Boy: Now, let’s sink a shot!

Boys: Oh!

Toji: All the girls have lovely breasts…

Girl: Suzuhara has a weird look in his eyes!

Toji: Hey, sir! What are you staring at?

Shinji: Er, nothing in particular.

Toji: Ayanami? I guess!

Kensuke: I’m not stupid. I’m dubious of it …

Toji: Ayanami’s breasts, Ayanami’s thighs and Ayanami’s …

Toji & Kensuke: … calves.

Shinji: I told you, it’s not like that!

Kensuke: So, what are you looking at then?

Toji: You can’t mislead me.

Shinji: I was just wondering why she always stays alone.

Toji: Now that you mention it, she hasn’t made any friends since she
   came to this school in the first grade.

Kensuke: I don’t know why, but she looks unfriendly.

Toji: It’s probably because she has a bad character.

Kensuke: Since both of you are Eva pilots, you’d know her best out of
   all of us, wouldn’t you?

Toji: That’s right!

Shinji: We hardly speak to one another.

*The cage of Eva Unit One

Staff: Eva Unit One is going into the third freezing phase.

Staff: Please shutdown all systems up to phase III in Cage-06.

Staff: No problems with the latest harmonics and synchronization tests.

Staff: All numerical conditions are satisfied.

Staff: Roger.

Staff: Report the results to Balthazar.

Staff: Roger.

Staff: Send all range of the entry plug’s personal data to Melchior.

Staff: I’ll send the data.

Staff: Melchior, roger. The circuits are connected.

Staff: The third freezing phase is starting.

Staff: CBL circulation has started.

Staff: Send the waste water to the second water purification system.

Staff: The condition of the protein walls is good.  Each parts has no problem.

Staff: T-minus 1,050 minutes until the reactivation experiment.

*Dining room of Misato’s apartment

Ritsuko: What’s this?!

Misato: Curry.

Ritsuko: I see. You have continued to eat instant foods.

Misato: You’ve been invited to a dinner, so don’t complain!

Shinji: Misato-san?

Misato: Ah, me?  Heheh (giggling) … Jaaan(fanfare). Put that into this.
   Dobaaatto (Drastically)!

Shinji: Are you serious?

Misato: Why, this is quite good. I can’t make such a good taste with
   a curry-flavored cupnoodle. ITADAKIMASU. I don’t put in too much soup
   and hot water. It’s a knack!

     #ITADAKIMASU means the usual phrase when Japanese start to have

Ritsuko: I guess you cooked this, Misato?

Misato: Oh, you noticed?

Ritsuko: It was the taste. Although the raw materials are retort foods, you
   made such a ……

Ritsuko: In the future, please invite me on a day when it’s Shinji-kun’s turn …

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun, you’d better move out. You’d better not let your ill-behaved
   roommate ruin your life.

Shinji: I’m used to it.

Misato: He’s right, Ritsuko. Don’t make light of humans’ ability
   to adapt to their environment. Besides, if he does move…

Misato: Ah, Shin-chan, one more, please.

Shinji: Okay.

Ritsuko: He’d have to cut through an incredible amount of red tape.
   Shinji-kun just received his formal security card, you know.

Ritsuko: Ah, I nearly forgot. Shinji-kun, I have a favor to ask you.

Shinji: What is it?

Ritsuko: Ayanami Rei’s renewal card–I never got the chance to give it
   to her. I’m sorry, but would you please deliver it to her home on your
   way to Headquarters?

Shinji: Sure.

Misato: What’s the matter? You’re staring at Rei’s photo, aren’t you?

Shinji: Ah, no…

Misato: Maybe, Shin-chan…

Shinji: No!

Misato: Come on! You’re embarrassed, aren’t you?

Misato: Now you have an official excuse to go Rei’s home. It’s a good
   chance, don’t you think?

Shinji: Stop teasing me!

Misato: But your quick temper makes you fun to tease!

Ritsuko: How like Misato…

Shinji: I just find it strange that I know so little about Ayanami, even though
   she’s an Eva pilot, like me…

Ritsuko: She’s a good girl though. Like your father, she’s not good

Shinji: She’s not good at what?

Ritsuko: Living.


*Rei’s apartment

Shinji: Excuse me?

Shinji: Excuse me, it’s Ikari.

Shinji: Ayanami, I’m coming in.

Shinji: Is this Ayanami’s?

Shinji: Ah, uh, err……

Shinji: I, not particularly……

Rei: Will you move?

Shinji: Eh, eh, eh, err …

Rei: What?

Shinji: Well, I … err …

Shinji: I was asked, by accident … let me see …

Shinji: Card… your card has been renewed and she asked me to deliver

Shinji: So, that’s why, I wasn’t going to do like this ……

Shinji: Ritsuko told me that she had forgotten to give it to you.

Shinji: That’s true. There was no answer when I rang the bell and since
   the door was unlocked…

*On the way to Nerv Headquarters

Announcement: Central Dogma is open now. Please use the 4th through

Shinji: Here’s Ayanami’s new card. Ritsuko-san asked me.

*On the escalator

Shinji: I’m sorry about that.

Rei: What?

Shinji: Well, I heard that there’s a reactivation experiment today. I hope
    it will be successful this time.

Shinji: Listen… Are you afraid of getting into Unit Zero?

Rei: Why?

Shinji: I heard that you were seriously injured in the last experiment.
    You don’t seem care about that.

Rei: You’re Commander Ikari’s child, aren’t you?

Shinji: Yes.

Rei: Then why can’t you trust it?! It’s your father’s work!

Shinji: Of course I can’t trust my father like that!

*In the cage of Eva Unit Zero

Gendo: Rei, are you all right? Rei!

Ritsuko: The pilot was locked inside then. Commander Ikari helped her escape
   by forcing open the overheated hatch.  He suffered the burns on his palm then.

Gendo: Rei, do you hear me?

Rei: Yes.

Gendo: We’re commencing Unit Zero’s reactivation experiment now.
      Start the first connection.

Ritsuko: Connect the main power supply.

Maya: Voltage has exceeded the critical point.

Ritsuko: Roger. Move the format to Phase II.

Shigeru: Connect the pilot with Unit Zero.

Maya: Open the circuits.

Maya: The conditions of the pulses and harmonics are good.

Shigeru: There are no problems with synchronization. All nerve links
   are completed. Nerve center devices are operational.

Staff: Recalculation shows no error modifications.

Maya: Checked. Up to 2590 on the list satisfied. Until the absolute
   critical line, 2.5, 1.7, 1.2, 1.0, 0.8, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2,
   0.1, and rising! Borderline cleared.

Maya: Unit Zero has activated.

Rei: Roger.  Now I’ll start an interlock test.

Kozou: Ikari, an unidentified object is approaching. I think it’s the
   fifth Angel.

Gendo: Interrupt the test. All hands on first class alert.

Kozou: Why not use Unit Zero?

Gendo: It’s not yet ready enough for battle. How is Unit One?

Ritsuko: It will take 380 seconds to prepare it.

Gendo: Sortie!

Ritsuko: Roger.

Gendo: Rei, we’ve comleted the reactivation. Come back.

Staff A: The target has cleared Tonosawa.

Staff B: Unit One is beginning preparations for launch. Release the first
   lock bolt.

Shinji: Release confirmed.

Staff B: Roger. Release the second binding.

Staff A: Roger. The target is in the area over Lake Ashino.

Staff B: Eva Unit One is ready for launch.

Misato: Launch!

Shigeru: High-energy reaction detected inside the target!

Misato: What!

Shigeru: Its circumferential parts are increasing speed and concentrating!

Ritsuko: That means…

Misato: No, dodge it!

Shinji: What?

Shinji: Ahhh….

Misato: Shinji-kun!

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