Tetsuro Iwamoto designs characters, Kaoru Wada composes music for The Journey film.
Sayumi Suzushiro voices character in series premiering in July
Katsuya Terada to also attend San Diego Comic Con
Anime premiered in January

Earlier this month Brazilian amateur filmmaker Chris Tex released the first global teaser trailer for his live-action short film Wind Princess, evidently an abbreviated live-action remake of a portion of Hayao Miyazaki’s modern classic 1984 anime film Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind.


Series starring Ai Kayano, Haruki Ishiya premieres in July
Corina Boettger, Faye Mata, more added to cast; 1st home video release ships on June 18
Both dubs to premiere this year
"It's circles within circles as Kazuki comes face to face with Haruka's dark alternate future in Toi, for an episode that combines the straightforwardness of Enta's story with the melodrama of Kazuki's."
Film opened in Japan on February 15
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