Zelda: Twilight Princess, RWBY, Dragon Ball: Yamcha!, Mob Psycho 100, One Piece also rank
1 film to be added every Saturday for 3 weeks
2 more anime added from Sentai Filmworks
"This is the kind of culminating delivery that I would normally associate with an arc's climax rather than its opening act, so I have to wonder what more the story can achieve after this."
Film has earned more than 1.64 billion yen at Japanese box office
"The stakes have never been higher than in this arc, but the emotional core of the story has never felt so distant, as if it remains buried in the giant carapace wrapped around Tokyo."
Gen Fukunaga also explains why he believes Funimation's deal with Hulu "makes sense"
Game launches in West on January 18
"This episode on its own isn't nearly as exciting as what's to come, but at least the content is back to adequate."
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