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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Translated Speech Script with some comments

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Canção tema de abertura

Esta é a AD n. 2015.


*A strange, Cruzeiros gigantesca criatura subaquática em uma cidade submersa

*A group of tanks with their cannon aimed at the city


Rádio: Hoje em 12:30, um estado especial de emergência foi declarado
within Kanto and Chubu districts, around Tokai district. Por favor
take refuge in the designated shelters. Repetir… Today

#Tokai is the district between Tokyo and Nagoya. Kanto and Chubu
#contains Tokai and the large area north of it.

*All destination panels at the station show ‘All lines are out of


*In a car, com alguém de condução

Misato: Porquê, de todos os tempos, eu perdi ele agora?!
O que eu vou fazer?

#The Japanese below the photo of Shinji is his name ‘Ikari
#Shinji’, escrito em katakana. Ele usa um uniforme, que
#most junior high school students must wear in Japan. Sua
#clothing in this episode seems a kind of them.


*A boy is calling from a telephone booth

Telefone: All normal lines are out of order due to the state of special

Shinji: Fora da ordem… Eu não devia ter vindo…

#The Traffic panel showsTokyo-3: 13km, Gotenba: 35km.” Gotenba
#is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

#You can see some handwriting on the photo. Diz: “Dear
#Shinji-kun. I’m coming to meet you, so please wait for me.
#Attention to here! (her breasts)

Shinji: I may not be able to meet her. Can’t be helpedI’ll head to the

*A sudden strong wind

Shinji: Uh…

Shinji: Ahh

*A gigantic creature walking

Shinji: Ahhh!

*Operational Display

#I wonder if the place where I think UN Force Headquarters in
#Tokyo-3 is the same place which I regard Nerv Headquarters.

#I’ll check it, but unfortunately I don’t yet have enough information
#to confirm it.

Female Voice: The identified moving object is still approaching
our position.

Male Voice: We have a visual image of the target. Transferring it to the
main screen.

*Two men (Gendo and Fuyutsuki)

Fuyutsuki: It’s been 15 years

Gendo: sim, certainly.

Fuyutsuki: Anjos.




* UN forces attack the Angel

Aircraft: All missiles hit the target!

Aircraft: Ahh!

* A UN aircraft crashed

Shinji: Ahh!

*Misato stops the car and opens the door

Misato: Sorry to have kept you waiting

Male Voice: Target is still intact. It’s continuing toward Tokyo-3.

Female Voice: Ele não pode ser interrompido pela Air Force fogo.

*Missile attacks

*3 commanders of the UN force

Sub Commander A: Total war! Commit all divisions at Atsugi and
Iruma Bases to the battle!

#Atsugi is the US base in Japan. Iruma is the Japanese Air Defense
#Force’s base.

Sub Commander B: Hold nothing back! Destrua o alvo a qualquer custo!

*Another missile attack, but no effect.

Sub Commander A: Porquê?! That must have been a direct hit!

Sub Commander B: The tank battalion has been wiped out. Guided
missiles and cannon shells have no effect on it

Sub Commander A: It’s useless! With such limited firepower, we can do

*Gendo & Fuyutsuki

Fuyutsuki: So it’s protected by an AT-Field, as we thought?

Gendo: sim. Normal weapons have no effect on Angels.

*A phone call

One of Cmdr: Understood, sir. I’ll deploy it as previously arranged.


*The Angel is in the distance

*Misato looks through field glasses

Misato: Esperar, it can’t beThey’re gonna use an N2 bomb?! Get down!

*A big explosion


Sub Cmdr A: All right!

Sub Cmdr B: Sorry that we’ve left nothing for you to do.

Female Voice: Shock wave inbound!


*Misato and Shinji near the overturned car

Misato: Are you all right?

Shinji: Sim, but there’s something crunchy in my mouth.

Misato: That’s fine. Bem… you ready?

Misato: Here goes!

*They succeed in turning over the car.

Misato: Thanks a lot. Good job.

Shinji: You, também, Katsuragi-san

Misato: Call me Misato. Please to meet you, Ikari Shinji-kun.

Shinji: Me, também.


Cmdr-in-Chief: Condition of target?

Female Voice: Indeterminado, devido à interferência de ondas de rádio.

Sub Cmdr A: It was such a massive explosion, it must have been destroyed.

Male Voice: Sensors again operational.

Female Voice: An energy reaction at the center of the explosion!

Sub Cmdr A: What the hell?!

Male Voice: Visual image restored.

Commanders: Oh…!

Sub Commander B: That was our trump card

Cmdr-in-Chief: Unbelievable

Sub Cmdr A: It’s a monster!

*Angel regenerating itself

*Misato drives her broken car while making a phone call

Misato: Sure. Don’t worry. His protection is my highest priority.
Prepare a train car for usa linear one, por favor. Right. It
was my idea to meet him, so I’ll take full responsibility
for him. ‘Bye.

Misato (thinking): This is terrible! I just finished restoring my
carIt’s a wreck now

Misato (thinking): 33 loan payments leftAnd the repair costs…!

Misato (thinking): Even worse, my only good clothes have been ruined

Shinji: Misato-san…

Misato (thinking): And I was in such a good mood! Damn

Shinji: Excuse me, Misato-san…?

Misato: Eh, que?

Shinji: You sure it was all right to do that?

*Batteries which she seems to have stolen

Misato: Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine. It was during an emergencyWe
can’t do anything if the car doesn’t run.
Anyway, I AM an international officer, even if I don’t seem
like it.

Shinji: That doesn’t seem like a very good excuse.

Misato: Boring kid. Your expression’s blank, so unsuited to your
pretty face.

Shinji: You think so…?

Misato: Hmm, are you angry? Sorry, Eu sinto Muito. It’d only be natural because
you’re a boy.

Shinji: You’re childish for your age, não é você?

*Misato drives the car roughly

*Injured Angel stands in the plain

Fuyutsuki: It’s regenerating itself, as expected.

Gendo: If it didn’t, it would be useless as an independent weapon.

Cmdr: Ohhh

Fuyutsuki: Oh, I’m impressed. It can also amplify its own functions.

Gendo: além do que, além do mais, it has gained intelligence.

Fuyutsuki: A invasão seguinte é apenas uma questão de tempo.


*A car-transport train departing from the station

Announce: The gate is closing. Attention, por favor. The train is about
to depart. This train

Shinji: The special agency Nerv?

Misato: sim, a secret organization directly attached to the United

Shinji: It’s the one my father belongs to.

Misato: Sim, well. Do you know what he does?

Shinji: É um trabalho importante proteger a raça humana, or so my teacher


*Gendo standing before the 3 commanders of the UN force in Nerv

Cmdr-in-Chief: You have command of this operation from this point
on. We’ll observe how you handle the situation.

Gendo: sim, sir.

Sub Cmdr B: Ikari-kun, considering our available weaponry, I must admit
that we have no effective defense against the target.

Cmdr-in-Chief: And you are confident of defeating it?

Gendo: It’s for that reason Nerv exists.

Cmdr-in-Chief: We expect much from you.

#UN Commanders disappear.

Female Voice: No change in target.

Male Voice: Present effective rate of interception is 7.5 %.

Fuyutsuki: The U.N. Troops can’t help us. What are you going to do?

Gendo: I’ll activate Evangelion Unit-01.

Fuyutsuki: Unidade-01? But we have no pilot.

Gendo: No problemanother is being delivered.


*Shinji and Misato in her car on the car train

Shinji: Are we going to meet my father?

Misato: Bem, yes, we are.

Shinji: Pai…

Misato: Ah, right, did your father give you an ID?

Shinji: Oh, yeah.

Shinji: Aqui.

Misato: Thanks!

#Japanese on the top of the paper is ‘Ikari Shinji’. The one at
#the bottom is ‘Come! Ikari Gendo’.

Misato: Then, read this.

#’Top Secretis on Misato’s side. ‘Welcome to Nervis on
#Shinji’s side.

Shinji: It’s about my father’s workIs there something for me to do?

Shinji: I’m not surprised. He won’t write to meunless he wants me for

Misato: eu sei. You find him cold
So do I.

*Underground city appears

Shinji: Incredible! A real Geo-front!

# ‘Geo-frontis English word which was made in Japan. It means
#underground space which the people can use for living,
#manufacturing, etc. Because Japan is small, the development plan
#of underground space is studied.

Misato: Está certo. This is our secret base, Nerv Headquarters.
It’s also the foundation for the rebuilding of the world
and a fortress for the human race.


Neon Genesis Evangelion


*Shinji and Misato on a moving walkway

Misato: That’s strange. I was sure this is the right way

#Japanese on the top means ‘Nerv Headquarters’. The handwriting
#on the map means ‘HERE!’ The handwritten ‘WCbeside the
#map means ‘lavatory/rest room’.

#Japanese on the top means ‘Nerv Headquarters’. The handwriting
#on the map means ‘HERE!’

Misato: I’d really rather not wear a skirt in here.
At any rate, where’s Ritsuko? Sorry that I’m not familiar with
this place.

Shinji: We’ve been by here before.

Misato: But don’t worrysystems exist to be used.

Announce: Chief of Project E at Section 1 of the Technical Department,
Dr. Akagi Ritsuko, Dr. Akagi Ritsuko. Please contact Captain
Katsuragi Misato at Section 1 of the Operations Department

#Misato’s rank is ‘Ichi-i’ em japonês.

#Japanese on the cylinder seems to mean ‘Air’.

*Ritsuko takes her wetsuit off.

Ritsuko: I’m amazed. She must have gotten lost again.


* Ritsuko enters the elevator which Shinji and Misato took

Misato: Ah! Hhi, Ritsuko…

Ritsuko: What were you doing, Captain Katsuragi? We are short on both hands
and time!

Misato: Sorry

Ritsuko: He’s the boy.

Misato: sim, according to Malduck’s report, he’s the “terceiros Crianças”.

* Apparently Gainax has a reason for usingChildreninstead ofChild”.

Ritsuko: Nice to meet you.

Shinji: Ah… yes.

Misato: He’s rather like his fatherneither are very sociable.


*Gendo descending by lift

Gendo: Bem, I trust you.

Fuyutsuki: They’re meeting for the first time in three years.

Male Voice: Sub-Commander, the target is moving again.

Fuyutsuki: Bem… Red alert! Todas as mãos para as estações de batalha!


*Shinji, Misato and Ritsuko coming up on the lift with a pink/red

Female Voice: Repetir, red alert! Todas as mãos para as estações de batalha!
Prepare for ground interception of the enemy.

Misato: You hear that?

Ritsuko: This is serious.

Misato: assim, how is Unit-00?

Ritsuko: It’s outfitted with B-type equipment. It’s being frozen.

Misato: Will it really work? I’d heard you hadn’t managed that yet.

Ritsuko: The probability of it working is 0.001 percent. “09 system
seemed like a good name for it.

Misato: You mean it won’t work, don’t you?

Ritsuko: Don’t be rude! The chance isn’t zero.

Misato: It’s still only a number. Anyway, dizendo “It doesn’t work at
all…” won’t be much of an excuse.

*A boat going on the pink water

*Only a line of light coming through the entrance

*A sudden blackout

Shinji: Ah, it’s pitch dark.

*The big (ugly!) face of Evangelion appears before Shinji as lights snap on

Shinji: Ah, a faceA giant robot

Ritsuko: You won’t find this in the manual.

Shinji: Eh?

Ritsuko: This is the Multi-purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine EVANGELION,
which humanity has finally developed.

Shinji: This is Father’s work?

Gendo: Está certo.

*Gendo appears at the top of the room

Gendo: It’s been a long time.

Shinji: Pai…

Gendo: Move out.

Misato: Move out?! Unidade-00 is being frozenYou aren’t kidding. You
mean that you’ll activate Unit-01?

Ritsuko: We have no other choice.

Misato: Wait a sec! We can’t let Rei board it. We have no pilots.

Ritsuko: One has just been delivered.

Misato: Are you serious?

Ritsuko: Ikari Shinji-kun, you will get into it.

Misato: But even in Ayanami Rei’s case, it took a full seven months for
her to synchronize with Eva.

Ritsuko: You can only sit in it and try. We would never expect more from you.

Misato: Mas…

Ritsuko: Atualmente, stopping the Angel’s attack has top priority.
Even if there is little potential for synchronizing with
Eva, we have no choice but to have someone board it. Understand,
Captain Katsuragi?

Misato: Tu podes estar certo…

Shinji: Pai, why did you call me?

Gendo: Precisamente pelas razões que você pensa.

Shinji: Then, you mean I should get into it and fight that thing I saw.

Gendo: Correct.

Shinji: No way! What are you talking about?! I’ve always thought you
didn’t want me!

Gendo: I called you now because I need you now.

Shinji: Por que eu…?

Gendo: Because no one else can.

Shinji: I can’t do this. I’ve neither seen nor heard of this before.
Why do you say I can?

Gendo: Listen to the explanations.

Shinji: No… Eu não posso… It’s impossible!

Gendo: If you’re going to do this, don’t waste time. De outra forma, leave!

*Many maintenance men anxiously stare at the scenery

*Angel attacks the ground above the Nerv Headquarters

Gendo: That thing seems to have found us.

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun, we have no time.

Misato: Board it.

Shinji: No way. After coming all that way, it’s ridiculous.

Misato: Shinji-kun… Why did you come here? Don’t run away, not from
your father and, above all, not from yourself.

Shinji: I understand. Mas, I don’t think I can do this!

Gendo: Fuyutsuki.

*Fuyutsuki on the screen

Gendo: Rei–wake her.

Fuyutsuki: Is she available?

Gendo: She’s not dead at least.

Fuyutsuki: Understood.

Gendo: Rei?

Rei: sim.

Gendo: The replacement turned out to be useless.

Gendo: Again.

Rei: sim.

Ritsuko: Reconfigure the system of Unit-01 for Rei! Restart!

Female Voice: Roger. Aborting current process and restarting.

Shinji: I’m unnecessary, just as I thought

*Rei, on a hospital bed, is wheeled in.

* Angel attacks again

Shinji: Watch out!

*Eva protects Shinji with its right hand

Shinji: Ah!

Male Voice: Eva moved! What’s wrong with it?!

Male Voice: It tore off the binding attached to its right arm.

Ritsuko: That’s impossible! The entry plug has not yet been inserted.
It can’t move!

Misato: It reacted without the interfaceOr rather, did it protect
ele…? He can do it!

*Shinji runs to Rei and holds her

*Rei is suffering in agony

Shinji: Don’t run away, don’t run away, don’t run away, don’t run
away, don’t run away
I’ll do itI’ll get into it.


Staff: Freezing process has finished.

Staff: The binding on the right arm has been repaired.

Staff: Position is correct for docking in the cage.

Maia: The termination signal plug has been discharged.

Staff: Roger. Insert entry plug.

Operator: The plug has been secured.

Operator: Begin the first connection.

*Shinji in the entry plug (a cockpit)

Ritsuko: Commence entry plug LCL injection.

Shinji: Huh? O que é isso? Ah, ah, ah, uguh….

Ritsuko: It’s all right. After your lungs fill with LCL, it will directly
supply you with oxygen. You’ll get used to it soon.

Shinji: Fuah, guhahI feel sick

Misato: Bear it! You’re a man, não é você?!

Staff: Connect to the main power supply.

Staff: Transmit power to all circuits.

Staff: Roger.

Operator: Commencing second contact.

Operator: The connection to the A10-nerve is operational.

Ritsuko: Japanese has been fixed to the system as the fundamental
method for the control of Eva.
All initial contacts are set.

Maia: Connect the mutual lines. Synchronization rate is 41.3%.

Ritsuko: Incredible!

Maia: All harmonics values are normal. Everything is under control.

Ritsuko: It is going to work!

Misato: Ready to launch.


Staff: Release the first lock bolt!

Staff: Released!

Staff: Remove the umbilical bridge!

Staff: Release the second lock bolt!

Staff: Remove the first, then second bindings.

Staff: Disengage the first through fifteenth safety locks.

Staff: Internal battery fully charged.

Staff: External power supply socket operational.

*Nerv Headquarters

Maia: Okay. Unidade Eva-01 to the launching pad.

*Evangelion is ready to be launched.

Maia: Course clear. All green.

Ritsuko: It’s ready for launch.

Misato: Okay.
Not that it matters, right?

Gendo: Of course it does. We have no future unless we beat the Angels.

Fuyutsuki: Ikari, are you truly satisfied with this?

Misato: Launch!

*Angel walking in the city

*Eva appears on the ground

Misato: Shinji-kun… Come back alive.

Ending Theme Song

Trailer: Eva defeats Angel, but this is only the beginning of everything.
Shinji runs away from his father and Misato’s pride makes
her decide to become his guardian. Next is ‘Unknown Ceilings’.
Of course, próxima vez, service, service.

End of Episode:1

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