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'Hayao Miyazaki drew pictures, while Toshio Suzuki wrote words.'
Attack on Titan started a collaboration with DiverCity Tokyo on April 19. The series has had many different collaborations with various IPs and public...
The majority have a positive impression of 'otaku,' but only 13.9% identify as an anime or voice actor otaku.
"If finally losing everything is what it takes to force Kazuki to start making real connections with others, maybe this fate isn't as cruel as it seems on the surface."
Team cites Hayao Miyazaki films, Sailor Moon, Akira.
Light on action but heavy on drama, this sci fi classic is a must-see for diehard fans of the genre. Nick Creamer has the details.
Kaito Ishikawa cast as trainer in "body-building comedy"
Sakamoto to voice Tamayo, Yamashita to voice Yushirō
Tetsuro Iwamoto designs characters, Kaoru Wada composes music for The Journey film.
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