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Character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, mechanical designer Kimitoshi Yamane and screenwriters Dai Sato and Keiko Nobumoto share some stories from their days working on what would become one of the most beloved and influential anime series of all time, 20 years later.
iOS, Android game accepting pre-registrations for worldwide launch
Anime protagonists in high school always seem to take the same seat - second to the back, next to the window. What makes that spot so special? Justin gets into it.
Manga about high school shooting club debuted in 2015
2019 animated series to have 50 30-minute episodes
"This show has already done an effective job crafting a lively, character-driven story that's more about the journey than the destination—just like distance running itself."
Tokyo Ghoul:re is not as compelling as its predecessor, but by these volumes, it seems to be getting back on track with a more detailed focus on character development.
Xtreme Legends Complete Edition DX adds all previous DLC, save compatibility with other titles
Reina Ueda, Maria Sashide, Rika Nagae, Akari Kitō join cast
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