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"Much like A Certain Scientific Railgun, Accelerator used its first episode's encounter with a random opponent as a setup to quickly get the protagonist into the heat of the action."
"With the pastel colors working to create a vague sense of nostalgia, there's a lot to enjoy here, even if the memories the subject matter stirs up aren't necessarily from the best times."
One Piece Stampede film opens in Japan on August 9
Final film in tetralogy opens in Japan in June 2020
"Anyone in the mood for space thrills and colorful dorks learning about the value of teamwork should strap in and prepare to get lost in space."
Una Megurogawa's manga runs in Monthly Comic Zenon
"With its blend of slick action, character relationships, and a world that's just ambiguous enough to wonder at what could be going on behind the scenes, this second season is off to a good start."
The anime about being an arcade kid in the 90s is heading to the world's largest fighting game event. Rensuke Oshikiri's Hi Score Girl is heading to EVO...
Broadcast, streaming of series' 3rd episode delayed in Japan today
Avengers: Endgame did not confirm their role in project
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