"Thanks in part to the relative lack of narrative progress this week, it feels like we should be further along in the story than we are at this point."
"This episode reminded us of every character's disparate reason for practicing kyudo and how that affects their reaction to being put in a high-pressure situation."
Hyde performs "Mad Qualia" for March game
"This is a goofy action-packed episode that dances around the line between every tonal risk this arc is taking, with appropriately mixed results."
At long last, the definitive version of Nintendo's beloved fighting game series is out on the Nintendo Switch. Branden Johnson finds out if this edition really lives up to all the hype.
Final acquisition slated for January
Fall 2019 film by helmer Tomohiko Ito, Graphinica, KADO writer, K-On! designer
Retsuko seeks validation through social media before metal anime's 2019 season
Bungo Stray Dogs film sells 10,599, followed by live-action Rainbow Days, live-action Bleach, Daisuke Ono & Hiro Shimono, Junichi Suwabe
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