Manga launched in 2015, inspired 2018 TV anime
Includes subtitled, dubbed versions of episodes 1-78
Event also hosts producer, cosplayer Hiroto Kuramasu
Dates, cities, and more information revealed!
"It's an abrupt change of pace for the series: a welcome respite, but hardly as impactful as usual."
"The difference between taking a half hour to watch an episode of Fairy Gone and simply reading its summary on Wikipedia is almost nonexistent."
Fellow Denki Groove member Takkyu Ishino's reunion photo with Taki got too many likes for the police's liking
"The overlong recaps are still a burden on this arc, but at least we're getting to the point where the table scraps of new material are uniformly juicy."
Would being a zombie be so bad if you got amazing word-slinging abilities? Web manga creator Inka Teikoku (lit. Inca Empire) doesn't think so. Their manga...
A 26-year-old unemployed man was arrested in Suzuka city in Mie prefecture for allegedly shoplifting 80 volumes of the Detective Conan manga from a bookstore...
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