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This viking epic combines its grounded historical fiction premise with pulse-pounding fantastical action in a stunning production by Studio Wit. Micchy and Steve discuss the themes and thrills of the series so far.
Director Toshimasa Ishii and Studio Orange's anime ad for Japanese retail company Marui Group will get a limited theatrical run. The short "Soba e" will...
"The main appeal of the show is its informative and instructional exercise video format, strung together with some decent humor and the loosest of plots."
Fifteen years after its debut, how has Shinichiro Watanabe's classic hip hop samurai road trip aged in high definition? James Beckett has the answers.
Series centers on Card Capital manager Shinemon Nitta in high school
J-Novel Club releases novels about girl who suddenly inhabits role of doomed otome game antagonist
1 person officially confirmed dead; 36 people reported injured
Kyoto Prefectural Police confirmed with NHK News on Thursday that it has confirmed "multiple deaths" during the fire due to alleged arson that broke out...
Prefectural police arrested man who allegedly used gasoline to start fire; 30 people injured
"As mediocre as ARIFURETA's isekai plotting has been, its storied production troubles are a bigger burden on the series."
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